is the Co-Director of Center For Civic Design and was the founding member of Barack Obama's US Digital Service.

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Democracy Is A Design Problem

Every great designed experience starts with the stories of individual humans. At the Center for Civic Design, Dana Chisnell and her team collected a thousand stories from U.S. voters over 5 years. The stories revealed two massive gaps in the process.

First, people who administer elections and voters have very different mental models on the process of voting. The second gap was between privileged voters and burdened voters. These gaps explained why it’s harder than it should be to vote in the U.S. and showed that policies meant to make things better had unintended consequences that actually make it worse.

Takeaways from this talk:

  • A solid understanding of the gradual, continuous work it takes to work on complex design problems
  • Why 8 participants is not enough to tell the full story of an experience
  • It’s not about the map, it’s about what we learn in making the map

Serve and inspire by UX Thailand, 2018