Marach Treekunprapa

Marach Treekunprapa
Marach Treekunprapa

Senior Product Designer

@ NocNoc

Online Speaker

Hello, my name is Marach Treekunprapa, also known as "Marach." I am a Senior Product Designer at NocNoc, and I am passionate about 'hands-on' creation. Here are three things about me:

🦄 I am a versatile individual in the Tech field.

I have experience working in various roles within product teams, including Developer, Business Analyst, and Designer. I enjoy working in an agile and cross-functional environment.

🚀 On a typical day, I revolve around design and coding.

I spend a significant amount of time designing and writing code. Occasionally, I am invited to teach students at universities or speak at various events on these topics.

🌈 I find joy in living a life doing what I love.

I am a person with a practical passion - choosing to do things I love and find valuable. If it doesn't make life unnecessarily difficult, why not! In my free time, I enjoy small pleasures like reading, drawing, practicing yoga, listening to the sound of rain, playing the guitar, and avocados.