A two-day conference for people who build world-class products.

23-24 February, 2019

Siam Square, Bangkok

Day 1: KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre
Day 2: Novotel on Siam Square

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“Let us take a seat for a couple of days on the shoulders of giants together.”
— by refering to the quote to Sir Isaac Newton

Two-days of presentations and workshops that promise to inspire and upskill you; delivered by giants from across the world who’ve pioneered the design and product industry. You’ll leave The UX Thailand Conference a better designer and/or product person than before.

“Empower locally, recognised globally.”

Our Vision

Our vision is for Thailand to be seen globally as a leader of great design for its citizens and the world. To do this, UXTH was born to upskill and inspire the community.

UX Thailand is a non-profit organisation that began as a series of monthly meet-ups, focused on empowering the local community to do better design. Our conference is born to inspire and upskill but also to be recognised globally for this event.

The money that is made is invested in further empowering the local community. We’ll use the revenue to provide more regular events like our monthly meetup, training courses throughout the year and hope to build relationships across APAC.

Two days to inspire and upskill

The UX Thailand Conference 2019, held in Bangkok for an international audience

Presentations & Workshops

The Evolution of a New UX Design Resolution


Looking at design through different levels of resolution helps us answer some important questions. Is there a difference between UX and UI, and if so, how does that change how teams should operate? What is the relationship between product design and service design? How do we start preparing for what comes next? Read more

Democracy Is A Design Problem


Every great designed experience starts with the stories of individual humans. At the Center for Civic Design, Dana Chisnell and her team collected a thousand stories from U.S. voters over 5 years. The stories revealed two massive gaps in the process. Read more

Continuous Design


Have we exchanged waterfalls for whirlpools? Are we sprinting—faster and faster—to nowhere In particular? Is “how do you do UX with Agile“ perhaps the wrong question? Read more

Escaping The Build Trap


Are you building what your customers want, or are you just building? When successful companies first started out, they had to constantly deliver value to understand what their users wanted. This grew their business. Many large companies that have been around for decades, or even newer startups that have found some stability, fall into a dangerous place called “The Build Trap”. Read more

Everyone Is A Designer


How do we drop the "rockstar designer" attitude, drive shared understanding, embrace an inclusive and diverse process and make it our goal to help everyone become as excellent a designer as they can be? We'll ask these questions, but first, we'll start with why we should. Read more

Designing Startup Engine


Successful startup Unicorns require 3 engines to success which are Customer Success Engine - Sale Engine - Cash to Cash engine. User Experience design plays a major role in how to make these engines work seamlessly and greatly contribute to startup’s growth. Read more


To be announced...

This year, we’ll be reaching out the the design communities of APAC, allowing them to nominate one presentation. We’ll then open this to a public vote and the winner will join us at UXTH.

Lightning Talks

To be announced...

Have you ever wanted to step on stage but for whatever reason haven’t achieved that goal yet? This might be your chance. We’ll be opening a call for 10 minute lightning talks later in the year. Submit your talk now!

Full-day workshops on day 2:

On Day 1 of the conference, you'll hear from each workshop facilitator about the details of their workshop. You'll then be able to sign up to the full-day workshop you'd like to attend.

Note: You can only attend 1 full-day workshop. Workshop capacity limits apply but we will do our best to ensure everyone attends their first choice.

Design for Delight — Transforming Your Designs From Good To Great

Jared Spool & Dana Chisnell

A good design is usable, useful, and effective. A great design delights its users. Explore a framework that brings your users and customers pleasure, flow, and meaning through your work. Read more

Collaborative Product Innovation

Chris Compston

In this full day workshop you will be combining User Story Mapping and Lean UX in a hands-on and collaborative way. Aligning understanding of your user's experiences, highlighting key pain points and working individually and in groups to ideate solutions. Read more

Customer Learning Experiments for Product Managers

Jonny Schneider

Product managers/designers are often making important decisions in conditions of high uncertainty with incomplete information. In this workshop, you’ll learn to put customer learning to work by designing fast and effective experiments, so you can make better product decisions more confidently. Read more

Making Sense of Product Development (For Designers and Product Managers)

John Cutler

Software product development involves grappling with uncertainty. We do this every day when we focus, prioritize, break work down, and plan how we’ll introduce the product. Without this uncertainty, we wouldn’t have new and novel products to offer.

During this workshop, John will teach you a number of valuable tools and practices to make sense of your product development effort. Read more

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