Meena Kothandaraman

Meena Kothandaraman
Meena Kothandaraman

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With an impressive career spanning over 30 years, Meena Kothandaraman has been a guiding force in emphasizing the strategic value and positioning of qualitative research in the design of products, spaces, and services.

Meena's fascination with the complexity of human behavior is reflected in her work, where she applies a credible, structured, and transparent approach to integrating human stories and anecdotes into mainstream processes. This ensures that research activities not only serve the organization's best interests but also address learning objectives to maximize potential.

Meena is a founding member of twig+fish, a research and strategy practice based in Boston, MA, that aligns with these research principles while maintaining a utopic work-life balance. As a key Lecturer in the Bentley University Human Factors and Information Design (HFID) graduate program, She has played a pivotal role in guiding practitioners to integrate meaningful and successful research practices. In her capstone qualitative research course, now-leading practitioners have learned to navigate the nuanced landscape of research under her expert guidance.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Meena holds an M.S. in Information Resources Management from Syracuse University and a B.Com. in MIS from the University of Ottawa, Canada. Meena's multifaceted inspiration extends to her roles as a South-Indian Classical Violinist, a culinary enthusiast engaged in a learn-to-cook program, and a devoted mother staying connected with the career pursuits of her two children.